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Smiling female patient sits up in hospital bed as man stands next to her smiling and female doctor with brown hair is seen from the back.
We care for more than just the patient
At Lenox Hill, we understand that cardiac patients need more than just the best medical care. They also need compassionate support. That's why we provide access to additional education and support for patients—and the ones they love.


At Northwell Health, we strive to educate our patients, their families and the communities we serve about the importance of preventing heart disease.

Support groups

Northwell Health connects patients with organizations managed by peers who have experienced cardiac surgery. The following organizations are able to provide additional support:

Mended Hearts, Inc./Mended Little Hearts: a national and community based organization that provides individuals who experienced heart surgery or heart disease an opportunity to encourage and support patients with similar conditions. The Mended Heart volunteers conduct hospital visits while a patient recovers, online check-ins and additional support through phone conversations. Learn more about this organization.

WomenHeart is a national coalition for women with heart disease that provides educational information, support and additional services. Learn more about this organization.

Free health risk assessment

Start your heart health journey

Find out more about your risk for heart disease by taking this five minute questionnaire.   Bring the results to your next doctor’s appointment.

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