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Robotic tracheobronchoplasty

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We’re 100% devoted to firsts
Our thoracic surgeons are redefining the standard of care with first-of-their-kind techniques. By using a minimally invasive robotic procedure to repair tracheobronchomalacia (TBM), we’re providing you with a quicker and safer return to doing what you love—and that’s our first priority.
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The first in the world

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Lazzaro, the physicians at Lenox Hill Hospital, part of Northwell Health, are proud to be the first in the world to use robotic surgery to treat tracheobronchomalacia (TBM). 

Tracheobronchomalacia is a weakening of the airway walls. Conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pulmonary fibrosis can sometimes cause tracheobronchomalacia, which occurs when the airway walls are weakened and collapse during breathing or coughing. Treatment depends on the location and extent of the weakened airways, and most severe forms usually require surgery.

To treat this condition, mesh stenting is placed around the trachea to reinforce the airway and ease symptoms. This surgery is traditionally lengthy, but for the first time ever, our surgeons have used robotically assisted surgery to repair the airway walls with precise control of tiny instruments on thin robotic arms—a minimally invasive surgical technique that results in smaller incisions, a quicker recovery and better results.

And we don’t stop there. At Lenox Hill Hospital, our thoracic surgeons perform a wide range of procedures for conditions of the lungs and chest. And most of them—90 percent—are done with minimally invasive techniques. That means faster, better recovery, and a quicker return to doing what you love.

Northwell Health care teams at Lenox Hill Hospital have been named an America's 100 best heart program 5 years in row, making us among the top 5 percent in the nation.

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Richard Stephen Lazzaro, MD

Chief - Thoracic Surgery of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Director - Robotic Thoracic Surgery of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Specialties: Thoracic Surgery, Surgery

Byron David Patton, MD

Specialties: Thoracic Surgery

Jason Bruce Karp, MD

Specialties: Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine

Stuart Lance Cohen, MD

Specialties: Diagnostic Radiology
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