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Young female patient smiles at the camera as she talks to her doctor.
Renowned OB/GYN care
Lenox Hill Hospital offers comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological services for you and the women you love. From routine care to a full range of maternity services to laparoscopic, laser and robotic procedures—we’re here every step of the way.

About us

The Department of OB/GYN at Lenox Hill Hospital is renowned for its exceptional obstetrical and gynecological care, offering a full range of comprehensive services.

Gynecological care—Our gynecological services include:

The department also provides evaluation and treatment of menopausal conditions, osteoporosis and urological/gynecological disorders such as incontinence and uterine prolapse. As a patient, you’ll have access to the vast resources of Northwell Health. Our gynecologists frequently consult with urologists and surgeons to offer the most effective, comprehensive care.

Obstetrical care—Lenox Hill Hospital has approximately 4,500 deliveries a year in the Florence Selwyn Klopfer Family-Centered Maternity Care Unit. The facility consists of 12 modern LDRs (labor, delivery, and recovery rooms), three mother/baby units (the location for a patient’s stay after her birth), a well baby nursery and a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

At Lenox Hill, we recognize that each family, pregnancy and birth is truly unique and therefore all staff work with families in flexible and collaborative ways to create an individual experience. Maternity patients whose pregnancies require special attention also benefit from the 24/7 prenatal services available at the Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, a Center of Excellence for the hospital and one of the most comprehensive centers of its kind in New York City. Learn more about the Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Nurse navigator

We provide a nurse navigator to serve as liaison between physician practices and patients who plan deliveries at the hospital. This unique program allows patients to contact the nurse navigator before their due date to discuss special needs and requests and ensure a smooth transition when the patient arrives at the hospital.

Some of the ways that the nurse navigator assists patients include:

  • Reviewing a patient's personal birth plan and preference (appointment scheduled in advance of due date)
  • Collaborating with the patient, the patient's doctors and clinical team to coordinate care when special medical needs are identified for the patient or her baby
  • Assisting in selecting educational programs that fit the patient’s needs and schedule
  • Assisting with preregistration, including helpful tips for selecting a pediatrician
  • Providing references for information on car seat selection and installation
  • Providing review of breastfeeding resources, including lactation consultant services and products available for purchase or rent (such as breast pumps and other nursing supplies)
  • Acting as a resource for general pregnancy questions and to discuss any concerns the patient may have throughout pregnancy

The nurse navigator can be reached at (212) 434-3933.

Lactation services

All of the bedside nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital are specially trained in breastfeeding support and certified lactation consultants are also on staff for mothers who need additional assistance.

The department offers a number of services to help mothers and their babies nurse successfully and safely, including:

  • Prenatal breastfeeding classes offered monthly (dates and additional information below)
  • Individualized breastfeeding plans, teaching tools and resources brought directly to the mother’s bedside while hospitalized
  • Medela© breast pumps for inpatient use, rental and purchase
  • Medela© breastfeeding supplies and bras for purchase
  • A breastfeeding help line: (212) 434-2242. Callers should leave a message, which will be returned within 24 hours.

For breast pump rentals and supply purchases, call (212) 434-3075.

Breastfeeding first steps

It is important that mothers start breastfeeding within the first two hours after delivery (or as soon as possible). New mothers should let their doctor and nurse know that they would like to nurse their baby as soon as possible and to place the dried baby skin-to-skin on the mother. This keeps the infant warm, soothes the infant, colonizes the infant with the mother's natural flora and promotes bonding.

If a patient needs help breastfeeding, all nursing staff members are able to assist. If a baby is in the NICU, it is very important to start breast stimulation or pumping as soon as possible, preferably within six hours of delivery (or sooner). Lenox Hill Hospital provides Medela© breast pumps for patient use.

Prenatal classes and tours

We offer free orientation and tours for expecting parents, families and those seeking a facility for their childbirth experience.

Our orientation and tour include:

  • A 30-minute informational session followed by a Q&A
  • A walking tour of the facility 
  • Labor and delivery suites
  • Mother-baby units

Registration is required for these tours. Since group size is limited, it is recommended that interested parties call (212) 434-3075 to register for a tour at least six weeks prior to their anticipated due date.

Prenatal classes

The following classes are offered at Lenox Hill Hospital’s Center for Parent Education:

Introduction to Breastfeeding—This comprehensive class is taught exclusively by Lenox Hill Hospital registered nurses (RNs) who are international board-certified lactation consultants. Whether you have already decided to breastfeed or you are thinking about it, this class is for you.

Topics include:

  • The advantages of breastfeeding
  • Building and maintaining your milk supply
  • Strategies for success
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • How to breastfeed comfortably
  • Diet considerations
  • Nipple care
  • Tips for partner feedings

Plenty of time is allotted for questions and answers, including the all-important one: "How do I know my baby is getting enough?"

Fee: $70 individual, or $85 for mom-to-be plus one significant other
Registration by phone: (212) 434-3075
Classes are held every first and third Wednesday evening from 6:15pm to 8:15pm.

Baby Care Basics—This special class is taught by Lenox Hill Hospital maternal child health RNs. Learn the basics of newborn baby care before your baby’s arrival. You will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in this interactive program. Topics include bathing, diapering, cord care, newborn sleep, newborn appearance, and so much more. Your significant other is encouraged to attend at no additional cost. 

Fee: $70 individual, or $85 for mom-to-be plus one significant other 
Registration by phone: (212) 434-3075 
Classes are held every second and fourth Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm. 

Childbirth preparation (Lamaze)—Our Preparation for Childbirth class prepares the expectant mother and her support person for the birthing experience.

Our nurse educators will discuss:

  • The process of labor and birth
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • The role of the partner and coaching skills
  • Hospital admission policies and procedures
  • Anesthesia/analgesic options
  • Vaginal and cesarean births
  • Postpartum expectations

Information regarding visiting hours and a slide presentation of our rooms are included in this very comprehensive class, along with a labor and delivery tour. This class should be taken four to six weeks prior to your estimated delivery date.

A class can be canceled due to insufficient registration and we will transfer you into a second choice. Please call (212) 434-3075 for weather-related announcements.

Fee: $200 for mom plus one significant other
Registration by phone: (212) 434-3075
Classes are held once a month on the last Sunday of the month from 10am to 4pm.

Contacts for costs and questions

For general financial questions, please contact Sheila Watson, supervisor, care coordination at (212) 434-3041. For information regarding the executive suites or international services, please contact Mallini Gumti at (212) 434-3018.

Professional education

Our physicians participate in the residency program in obstetrics and gynecology at Lenox Hill Hospital. During this program, residents at each level spend time with each of the specialty clinics within the department, including regular and high-risk obstetrics.

With a strong emphasis on medical research to find new treatments and cures, the department engages in numerous investigational projects throughout the year which lead to several publications by residents and faculty in well-known medical journals.


Francis A. Chervenak, MD

Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lenox Hill Hospital

Specialties: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal / Fetal Medicine